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Design Powerfully & Name Strategically – Louise Karch & Phillippe Guichard

Are you designing bold new services or products that must break out?

D5 is thrilled to present two internationally awarded game changers.

Philippe Guichard is an Industrial Designer. He will give you a powerful tool to innovate products or services. Starting right means you’ll grab market share faster, he will ensure you learn:

  • The state of innovation in Australia (point of view by Richard Dennis)
  • Innovation using a design tool: I’ll share a tool that you can apply the very next day.
  • Innovation using design, beyond design and the age of collaboration (fish tank story)

Will your brand name pass the two-second test?

Because that’s all you have.

In the attention economy, your name has to go beyond memorable. Your brand name must be unforgettable.

Louise Karch, M.Ed is the author of The First Two Seconds How to Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name.
This global speaker, recovering comic, and ad agency muse will ensure you gain:

  • Seven naming secrets ad agencies don’t want you to know
  • One naming method successful Silicon Valley startups avoid
  • Three naming processes used by the world’s most expensive naming firms
  • The one technique cuts your naming time in half
  • Your product, program, service or social enterprise must stand out.

Come learn how to name easily and fast.

You can’t afford a bad name.

Two superpowers: design powerfully and name strategically.

You cannot afford to miss this.

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About Louise Karch

Louise Karch, BA, M.Ed., CMP,  is a consultant and speaker who provides branding and marketing advice to professionals for business growth.

Whereas other consultants often deliver little more than “schlock and awe”, Louise, a cross between a Harvard prof and Bette Midler in sensible shoes — a little bit Ivy League and a little bit fun — ensures your brand breaks out instead of blending in.

Louise advises accountants, architects, consultants, dentists, lawyers, vets and even winemakers. She lives in Canada and Australia and recently helped CEO Matt Fowles win an Australian Marketing Institute Award for his wine ‘Ladies who Shoot their Lunch.’ She also won The Pillar Community Award for Innovation for co-creating The Fairy Godmother Project in Canada.

About Phillippe Guichard

Philippe Guichard is the Creative Director behind D2 Design & Development.

As a trained mechanical engineer who also possesses an industrial design degree, Philippe has the unique ability to design products with the knowledge required to manufacture them.

He is driven by the possibility of creating meaningful, purposeful products that solve problems, and loves to see a project through from inception through to completion. Just ask Kickstarter!

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8 February (5:30 pm to 7:00 pm)


Dimension5, Level 1, 10 Dorcas Street, Southbank