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FREE Event – Becoming an Influential Leader: Enhancing Your Power to Persuade – Dr Michael Brenner (USA) – StartUp Week Event

Becoming an Influential Leader: Enhancing Your Power to Persuade

Any leader can get things done by imposing his or her authority. But over the long-term, such tactics are likely to degrade trust and morale. Influence is a better route to results. Influential leaders are able to produce desired behaviors in others without force, instigation or direct exercise of command. They keep their word, exhibit empathy, possess credibility, listen actively and apply sound reasoning. The result? Greater engagement, productivity, and teamwork.

In this eye-opening workshop, Dr. Michael Brenner International Speaker (USA) will show how to improve one’s ability to influence others and how doing so can positively affect leadership. Participants will have an opportunity to practice key skills and receive expert feedback.


  • 10 “sacred rules” of influence
  • Power words and phrases that increase your influence
  • How to effectively use both emotional and rational approaches
  • How to create a compelling case for taking a particular course of action

Dr. Michael Brenner International Speaker (USA) is the founder and president of Right Chord Leadership®, LLC.  As an international leadership consultant, executive coach, facilitator, speaker and author, Michael helps leaders at all levels strengthen the essential skills needed to foster great performance.  His expertise and academic background–he holds a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Columbia University and a master’s degree in Adult and Organizational Development from Temple University. He is Past President of the Greater Philadelphia chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and has been a featured speaker at many industry events and conferences. In the summer of 2015, Michael had the privilege of delivering several workshops for large audiences in Sri Lanka.

Tickets are FREE, however, as seating is limited, please Register here.


22 June (5:30 pm to 7:00 pm)


Dimension5|Level 1, 10 Dorcas Street|South Melbourne| VIC 3205