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Identify, Clarify & Articulate a Key Message in a Compelling and Engaging way with Jon Yeo (TEDx Melbourne)

If you are looking to:

  • Create a universal (or brand) message that connects to your key audience/s
  • Have clarity on what makes a great message and how to craft one
  • Articulate your message in a meaningful and engaging way
  • Consistently develop rapport on and off stageAt the end of the program you will have:
  • A clear, compelling message for your audience (team, client or potential client)
  • A way to consistently deliver a key message to your clients/audience
    Speaking confidence
  • A flexible preparation model to manage different audience types and talk lengths

Tickets available for $20. Purchase your tickets today on Eventbrite.

Enquiries: Travis@creativeuniverse.com.au

About Jon


TEDxMelbourne licensee and curator, Jon Yeo holds a Degree in Information Management and Human Resources and has worked for Fortune 100 companies in Australia, UK, and the United States. Jon is also a board member for a US charity that sponsors students in China and parts of Central and South America. He’s passionate about how social entrepreneurship can support business and communities, building mutual benefits and outcomes. Today, Jon speaks and consults with businesses on delivering messages with impact and designing client experiences for loyalty and engagement.

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1 March (5:30 pm to 7:00 pm)


Dimension5, Level 1, 10 Dorcas Street, Southbank