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Human Intelligence 2.0

Human Intelligence 2.0
A Collective Future?
How will we manage the transition?

Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific is the place to imagine the future, inspire your leadership and achieve business success. Creative Innovation Global is the premiere conference for anyone who cares about creativity, innovation, leadership, change, transformation and the future.

Bringing together hundreds of leaders from business, government, academia, community, not-for-profits, media and the arts, Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific promises to explain the drivers of the changes taking place, the implications for the future and the strategies and thinking that governments, businesses, NFPs and individuals will need to adopt to be successful.

Ci2019 offers an outstanding opportunity to educate, challenge and engage leaders and emerging talent on this transition.Don’t miss the world class line-up of visionary innovators, futurists and leaders that are gathering at Ci2019 to help us better understand, collaborate and prepare for our rapidly changing world.

Ci2019 key themes will include:

·         Leadership, Ethics and Governance

·         Automation, AI, Robotics and the Future of Work

·         Education and Entrepreneurship

·         Science, Technology and the Pace of Change

·         Wicked Problems that require Collective Systemic Solutions

This award-winning event will help you upgrade yourself and your organisation to Intelligence 2.0. It will give you the insights, knowledge and tools to develop the agility and leadership mindset you need to transform your organisation and inspire yourself and your team to build a collective future for humanity.

We look forward to welcoming you, your team and stakeholders to this important future-shaping event.


1 April (9:30 am to 5:30 pm)


Sofitel Melbourne On Collins