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Dimension5 is a  creative co-working space that promotes ‘positive human collisions’, sparks innovation and entrepreneurship across technology, start-ups, business and social enterprises. This space will maximize and accelerate the opportunities available through the exponential growth of new technologies across sectors for individuals and smaller teams or organisations.

Dimension5 is inspired to collaborate, co-create with and support people and businesses who are outstanding…the innovative, disruptive game-changers,  leaders and emerging talent across diverse industries. We aim to spark innovation and entrepreneurship through having regular ‘positive human collisions’ with all of our community and their guests.

This is a space in which to go above and beyond, where anything is possible.

Dimension5 is a collaboration between Dimension Data & Creative Universe to promote creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and social business enterprises.

Five-dimensional space refers to a hypothetical extra dimension beyond the usual three spatial dimensions and the fourth dimension of time in relativity physics.

“Something is happening in this idea of mixing different people together: entrepreneurs, start-ups, not-for-profits. It’s the idea that through diversity you tend to see better decisions and ideas.”

Rodd Cunico, Former CEO Dimension Data

“The elements of mentoring, shared resources and networking that exist in co-working spaces rapidly accelerate the opportunities available to early stage entrepreneurs and also assist established businesses to be more innovative.”

Tania de Jong AM, CEO Creative Universe